Fuel prices - is this the end of the increases?  Obajtek announces price reductions.  Check fuel prices

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Fuel prices, like energy prices, are a key component in determining the prices of almost all goods and services

At the beginning of February 2022, fuel prices fell by 0.50-60 PLN per liter, which is the effect of the anti-inflationary shield 2.0. However, experts expected the drop in fuel prices to be only for a few days, and this was also the case. Prices started rising in the last week of February. The outbreak of war in Ukraine brought further increases. We saw a sudden jump in oil prices, which significantly weakened the zloty against the dollar. Refueling costs have increased by up to 1.54 PLN per liter. On March 14th, we notice a drop in oil prices. There is a possibility that fuel prices at gas stations will begin to fall. Check current fuel prices.

Gasoline and diesel fuel were to be reduced to PLN 5 per liter

I remember that January 11 The government announced Anti-inflation shield 2.0which supposes, inter alia, Reducing the value-added tax rate on fuel from 23% to 8%. It was supposed to cause that Reducing the price of a liter of gasoline and diesel by 0.60-70 PLN. LPG is about 0.40 PLN per liter. The Prime Minister announced that Fuel prices will drop to 5 zlotys / liter.

table of contents

  1. Average Fuel Prices – March 2022
  2. Wholesale Fuel Prices – March 2022
  3. fuel price components
  4. Fuel surcharge and excise tax included in the fuel price

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday morning (February 24), we have been observing an increase in fuel prices. The higher cost of crude oil and lower operator margins increased the cost of refueling from gasoline and Pb95 diesel fuel. Currently, their average prices are accordingly 6.70 and 7.20 zlotys / liter. per liter liquefied petroleum gas you pay PLN 3.41.00.

The size of the increase in crude oil prices did not give rise to optimism. On March 7, the price exceeded $130 per barrel. This translated into gasoline prices, for which we paid more than 7 PLN. Some financial institutions (such as JP Morgan Chase) have estimated that the price of crude oil in 2022 could reach $180-200 per barrel. So far, this is not happening and the oil is decreasing. For several days now, oil prices have fallen on world markets and the Polish zloty has risen. On March 14, the price of crude oil returned to around $110 a barrel. It is a chance that we will see lower prices at the stations, but it will take some time to stabilize, because fuel prices are still changing dynamically.

At the moment, it cannot be said with a high degree of certainty that the cut will be deep enough to return to pre-war levels. After all, the Russian invasion and the resulting disruption in the stability of economic relations throughout Europe remains the most accommodating topic. In conditions of necessity to search for alternatives to Russian oil or the gradual exclusion of Russia from the group of exporters by means of sanctions, these phenomena will certainly translate – even despite temporary adjustments – to higher prices and availability of raw materials. Fuel – Comments by Dr. Jacob Bogoki from e-Petrol

People are concerned about the continued delivery of fuel to Polish stations. We all know that the outbreak of war in Ukraine will have enormous economic consequences, not only for Russia and Ukraine, but also for the rest of Europe. President of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtik, ensures that there will be no shortage of fuel on the Vistula River and declares:

Average Fuel Prices – March 2022

Average retail prices in PLN / liter (previous price in parentheses)
lead 95 he is
↑ 6.70 (6.37) ↑ 7.20 (6.66)
Average fuel prices at refineries in pln/m3
Excise tax and fuel surcharges are included, excluding VAT
lead 95 he is
↓ 6,215.60 (6,469.60) ↓ 6,921.20 (7,346.40)

Source: Autocentrum / e-petrol.pl, updated March 14, 2022

Average fuel prices locally in PLN/liter
lead 95 lead 98 he is liquefied petroleum gas
the above

Kuavian Pomeranian Province




Opole Province













Source: Autocentrum, updated March 14, 2022

Fuel prices, like energy prices, are a key component in determining the prices of nearly all goods and services. Its amount becomes especially important when the company’s operations are largely dependent on transportation (internal and external) and fuel-powered machines. and then a lot construction companies (for example Bodymix) carry out their analyses building materials pricesIt also includes fuel prices in a continuous cost analysis.

Fuel prices are set by producers and importers, but these costs do not determine the final (retail) price. Some components of fuel prices are fixed (such as excise tax or fuel surcharges), but purchase prices and margins for individual sellers may be different. Hence, fuel prices, even when sold under the same brand, may vary widely locally.

Wholesale Fuel Prices – March 2022

Fuel prices for the two largest Polish producers – ORLEN and LOTOS – are below. Prices in PLN / m3Value added tax is not included.

they change Present Previous
Eurosuper 95 6,216.00 6,470.00
Super Plus 98 6,531.00 6815.00
Ecodecyl diesel oil 6,922.00 7,348.00
Arctic diesel fuel 7,247.00 7 673.00
Diesel fuel for heating Ekoterm 5540.00 5,978.00

Source: ORLEN. Prices do not include value added tax. Tariff from 14 March 2022

BB 95 6,215.00 6,469.00
BB 98 6,530.00 6814.00
Diesel fuel EURODIESEL 6,920.00 7,344.00
Diesel I Z-40 7,245.00 7,669.00
LOTOS RED Diesel Heating Oil 5,539.00 5,975.00

Source: LOTOS. Prices from 14 March 2022

fuel price components

The price of fuel consists of several components:

  • Fuel prices at refineries
  • excise
  • fuel cost
  • value added tax
  • Issuance fee
  • edge

As you can see in the chart below, refinery fuel prices (governed by world giants and often also international politics) and taxes (VAT and excise duties) are the most expensive components of the fuel price.

fuel price structure
Author: e-petrol.pl
Fuel price structure in Poland

Fuel surcharge and excise tax included in the fuel price

Additional fuel cost (in Acts Toll Motorways and National Road Trust) to save energy road box (80% of toll revenue, formerly the National Road Fund) and the Railway Fund (that is, dated rail transport twenty%). The obligation to pay fuel surcharges for motor fuel and gas is imposed on:

  • Motor fuel or gas producers
  • Auto fuel or gas importers
  • Entities making acquisitions within the community within the meaning of the provisions relating to excise tax on motor fuel or gas
  • Other taxable entities in accordance with the provisions on excise tax in the field of excise tax on motor fuel or gas.

The obligation to pay the fuel surcharge arises from the date of the tax obligation in the excise tax on motor fuel and gas. The basis for calculating the amount of the fuel surcharge is the amount of engine fuel or gas that the above-mentioned entities are obligated to pay production tax. The fuel surcharge does not exceed the taxable amount with the excise tax on the import of excise goods.

For 2021, the following fuel surcharge rates were in effect:

  • 165.14 PLN per 1000 liters for PB95 and PB98 engine gasoline and products made from blending these gasoline with vital components,
  • 338.53 per 1000 liters of diesel oils, including S <= 0.001 and products made by mixing these oils with bio- and bio-components that form a stand-alone fuel,
  • 198.25 zlotys per 1000 kg of propane, butane and other products,
  • For light and heavy fuel oil, the fuel fee is PLN 0.

The rates of additional fuel cost for the coming year are increased to the extent corresponding to the GUS index of the increase in prices of consumer goods and services in the first three quarters of the year, during which the rates change, compared to the corresponding. period of the previous year.

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