June 2, 2023


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The S11 road in southern Wielkopolska is about 7 km longer than today

The S11 road in southern Wielkopolska is about 7 km longer than today

The second part of the Kupno bypass will be officially opened.

– Today, in the afternoon, the first drivers will be able to drive almost 7 km of the Kupno side lane, the next stage of the investments being made along the S11 motorway – Provided by the Directorate General of National Roads and Highways in Poznan. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will participate in the opening. His visit is scheduled for 4:20 pm, after which time it is likely that drivers will be able to get on the road.

The new section begins at the Kępno Krążkowy junction and ends at the current DK11 near Baranów. – As part of the mission, engineering structures were built along the S11 motorway – four bridges and two bridges, an animal crossing and two bridges over the S11 motorway. Two road junctions were also built – Kępno Wschód (connection with district road No. 482) and Baranów (connection with current DK11) – GDDKiA adds.

The entire S11 route will be more than 600 km long and will connect the city of Koszalin, via the capital of Wielkopolska, to Katowice. Today, 126 km is in use (including the S6 and S11 joint road from Kołobrzeg to Koszalin – about 35 km). – Nearly another 80 km is under construction. A little over 405 kilometers of track is under preparation, so that it can move to the next step, i.e. the announcement of bids for implementation, after obtaining the decision on environmental conditions and securing the financing. The final episodes of S11 should run in 2029. In the future, it will take a passenger car to cover the road from Kołobrzeg to the Beccary Olski junction at the junction with the A1 a little more than 5 hours, including, of course, a break in one of the passenger service areas – Ends with GDDKiA.

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