Barcelona player talks about Lewandowski’s confrontation with Yamal.  “I would do something similar” in football

A real storm in Poland and Spain caused by the situation in the second half of the match between Barcelona and Deportivo Alaves, in which Xavi Hernandez’s players won 2-1 after a Robert Lewandowski brace. Then 16-year-old Polish striker Lamine Yamal did not rebound. The newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” wrote, “Lewandowski was angry at Yamal, who refused to shake his hand,” and added: “The Polish striker rebuked his friend for this behavior.”

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Lewandowski commented on the whole situation at the Polish national team conference on Monday. -Honestly, there’s not much to comment on because it was a complete accident. As for my relationship with Al-Amin, I spoke to him several times, even during this match, and I helped him and gave him advice. […] “As for the five, it was just a complete incident and I’m not going to look for any subtext or hidden meaning here,” he said.

FC Barcelona player talks about Robert Lewandowski’s relationship with Lamine Yamal. “amazing”

Inigo Martinez, FC Barcelona’s centre-back, was asked to comment on this matter. – The situation with Lewandowski and Yamal? There are thousands of these behaviors in every game, and people focus on one behavior and build the whole world around it. Robert has already explained everything, and I did not see this situation during the match – he confirmed this in a press conference during the training camp of the Spanish national team.

Our team is united and Lewandowski’s relationship with Yamal is great. It was a specific case. Maybe I’ll do something similar in the next game. The Barcelona defender added: “We are a great team and we stay away from this kind of controversy.”

How did Lamine Yamal deal with the whole situation? The winger went to the Spanish national team’s training camp and is not concerned about the situation from Sunday’s match. Catalan newspaper Sport reported: “The incident, which occurs in many matches, was captured on camera and exaggerated by journalists. Lewandowski is a highly respected player in Barcelona’s dressing room, and Lamine did not take his gesture seriously.”

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