The madness in Barcelona.  The full stadium will receive Lewandowski.  All sectors already "sold out" beca none

Transformation Robert Lewandowski lowest F.C.B It was by far the highlight of the summer at the Catalan club. The saga of this movement has been going on for several months now, and in the last days before the official confirmation of the deal, the number of media reports in every detail has been quite frightening.

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Show Robert Lewandowski in front of full stands? It seems

No wonder so many people waited for the official presentation of Robert Lewandowski. can not be held the stadium “Parsi”. Transformation It was confirmed while the team was on a pre-season tour of the United States, so the welcome for the striker was limited to a modest celebration and speaking to the media.

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On Friday, there will be a good time to present the pole to Camp Nou. The event will start at 11:00 AM and the number the player will have on their shirt may be announced during the event. By the way, many fans hope that Friday’s show will be at a higher level than its US counterpart.

The club will not have to worry about attendance during the Polish show. fans Entry to the grand stands of the Camp Nou will be free from 9:30 in the morning, but entry to them requires a special ticket reservation on the club’s official website. There are many indications that it will spread like hot cakes.

Jakub Chukovsky's goalWhat a goal in the league. A miracle, a masterpiece. The crown with the first victory[VIDEO[[WIDEO][VIDEO[[WIDEO[

As of Monday, time. 22:00, out of 34 available sectors of the stadium F.C.BUntil 31 is already fully booked (this is shown in the chart below – the sectors are completely ‘sold out’ in shading). Therefore, everything leads to the fact that the pole will be greeted by a group of spectators in the stands.

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