the acting.  Souza to become a Flamengo coach?  Selected Comments

From Wednesday Fans Poland national team I wonder if An offer that Paulo Sousa was to receive from the Rio de Janeiro Flamengo chiefsWhether it is right or wrong. The heat of the debate has been heated up by the Brazilian journalists of “Globo Esporte”, as our team’s mentor will meet on Saturday with representatives of Flamengo, the most popular club in South America.

According to our information But at this point, there is no doubt that Sousa will leave the national team. The 51-year-old is still bound by an important contract with the Polish Football Association. Other Sousa has a playoff with Russia in the future… Interia asked the main stakeholder to comment on the whole matter.

Thursday evening, we reached out to Souza, who is currently at his home near Lisbon. Mukhtar only for Interia commented on the latest news from journalists.

I cannot – and do not want – to deny every rumor that concerns me. Since Tuesday, when we last spoke, nothing has changed: I still have an important contract in Poland, my goal is a match with Russia, and that’s what I have in mind. Was there a suggestion from Brazil? The shows were and still are, and I don’t hide them. But Souza said that a lot of the information is rumors that are not worth mentioning.

The selector also added: – I got so many calls on Friday regarding information about Flamengo that at some point I stopped getting more calls. I just laughed under my breath. Because nothing changes in my approach. I am constantly preparing for the supplement matches in March.

However, if it is true that the Brazilians have reached out to Souza’s coach, it wouldn’t be the first time they had thought of a 51-year-old. He got an offer from Estádio da Gávea Sousa a year ago, before he started working in Poland. Then activists from South America were looking for a bus from the Portuguese market. Now it should be the same, because apart from Sousa – according to journalists from “Globo Esporte” – Flamengo are also considering hiring Paulo Fonseca or Jorge Jesus.

Sebastian Staszewski, Entrea

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