Baldur’s Gate 3 on XSX|S on December 6?  Reports indicate that it will be launched at the beginning of next month

Baldur’s Gate III is undoubtedly one of the biggest debuts of the year and is up for grabs for several important statues in the Game of the Year category. Well, if someone makes you wait for a game to continue for many years and then delivers a title that meets huge expectations, you can’t be surprised at how optimistic opinions we hear every day. Moreover, the sheer scale of the project is impressive – once someone enters this world, it is difficult to get out. It’s like a whirlwind!

However, there is one issue that remains The big unknown in the context of this project. And of course, we’re talking about the premiere on Microsoft’s next-gen consoles. Larian Studios has not officially confirmed when this game will debut, so players are still making their own assumptions. A week ago we received information from the developers that Baldur’s Gate III would be released on Xbox Series

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Interestingly, according to an Exputer report citing anonymous sources, Baldur’s Gate 3 is scheduled to release on these devices on December 6. However, it should be noted that according to the information, if the tests show significant problems, Larian may postpone the launch to a later date in December or even to the beginning of 2024, but such a scenario is unlikely. This means that we will probably have to wait a month. Well – assuming the rumors are true.

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