January 28, 2023


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Antenna penalty on the roof. You can pay 2500 PLN

The antenna on the roof goes without saying. Assembling it seems to be a simple activity and not associated with problems. It turns out that this is an illusion, and in case of violation of the rules, you can pay a fine of up to 2500 PLN.

Building a house is a really complex process, during which many unexpected risks await investors. Building code is very restrictive and it is easy to make a mistake unknowingly, which can be really costly. It’s no different for people who already live at home but want to make some adjustments. An example of such a situation is the installation of the antenna on the roof.

Installing the antenna for receiving a TV signal on the roof does not require a building permit. According to art. 29 sec. 2 Point 15 of PR. Builds. – The decision does not require a building permit to perform works that involve the installation of devices, including antenna supporting structures and radio communication installations, on building structures.

Penalty for installing the antenna. When can you get it

However, in some cases, mounting the antenna on the roof may result in a penalty. This applies to the case when the antenna is mounted on a mast more than 3 meters high. According to art. 30 seconds. 1 point 3 lit. Public relations. Builds. The implementation of construction work involving the installation of devices with a height of more than 3 m on building objects requires notification of the architectural authority and the relevant construction department.

The situation in which the antenna is installed at a height of more than 3 meters does not happen very often. This mainly applies to places where it is difficult to obtain optimal signal quality due to the terrain or density of buildings. However, it is important to follow the rules to avoid being penalized.

Penalty for installing the antenna. Up to 2500 PLN

The regulations provide for a high penalty for breaching the above regulations. If the relevant authorities of the structure are not notified, the owner of the building may expect to pay a certification fee of PLN 2,500.

Karol Kotowski, journalist at Gadgetomania