Has Google Assistant gone crazy with Android Auto?  Here’s how to fix this error

As everyone knows, voice commands are an essential part of using Android Auto. There is no need to explain why drivers want to use it. Unfortunately, dealing with voice commands has been quite annoying lately.

Google Assistant does not support voice commands

Thanks to the voice command function, drivers can focus on the road and at the same time they can communicate comfortably with Android Auto. In theory, they could control music playback, set a new destination for Google Maps, or even create a phone, all without looking at the screen.

Unfortunately, when Android Auto’s voice command support goes crazy for no apparent reason, it’s hard to call a feature useful. Users know that interaction with Google Assistant has not been successful lately. Using voice commands too often for no reason was a failure.

Thankfully, Google itself decided something went wrong, and this week the company streamlined the feature.

Google Photos

Google fixes Android Auto functionality

Recently, users were likely to receive the most common response to each command they issued, which was: “Something went wrong, please try again.” And so on over and over again, without you being able to miss that error message. As a result, voice commands can no longer be used while driving.

None of the solutions used generally worked. There is no uninstalling or installing the latest updates, cache, wiping data, etc. It was just a waste of time.

So, if you also get the said message from Google Assistant in your car, just check that you are using the latest version of the Google app on the device withfor Android Auto In the car. The current build solves this problem.

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