January 30, 2023


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Starfield is set to make "Players Crazy" - the game's head coach

Starfield is set to make “Players Crazy” – the game’s head coach

Bethesda still doesn’t reveal much about it starfield. However, this does not bother the developers in promotion New game studio. Yes for example One developer thinks “players will go crazy” when they finally see this title.

Emil Pagliarolo, Bethesda Art Director and Chief Designer and “Writer” starfieldis the protagonist of the last interview published in Company’s official website. In addition to talking about his past and experiences, the creator also briefly mentioned his latest project.

Pagliarulo briefly referred to the game’s production path: from the start, when everything was “a mess”, and later, when the individual systems were starfield In the end they began to “clash” with each other, and the vision of the project took a real form. At the time the designer was going to say to himself: “This is something really special. The players are going crazy.”

Of course, this is no longer the end of the work of developers who only have to “finish” the game. Fortunately, they still have plenty of time. starfield It will debut on November 11 on PC and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Pagliarulo also mentioned how the creators handled the work on this title so that it really impresses the players. Bethesda is committed to this – it’s the company’s first new brand in nearly two decades.

Our unofficial motto is “Games are great, they are not made”. This means that at each stage of the work starfield We test it the same way a player would. We are very honest with ourselves about what we enjoy and don’t like – what works and what doesn’t – and do everything we can to ensure that players get what they expect and deserve.

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