Baldur’s Gate 3 – Gold: Cannot be captured

On this page we explain śwhatć&when it will be done You can ćć gold and stroke lying on the ground w BG3. The problem mentioned is related to a particular option and tail; in the game settings and we show you how to fix it.

It is not uncommon for gold to be found in chests, but sometimes it is also lying on the floor or on half-strings in cellars, or dropped on the floor. You will not be able to lift the gold leaf loose when the option is active divide & lstrok; in the trading window. You will find & aogon; In the game settings, in the “Interface” tab. When a problem occurs, &lstro;ą&aą.

However, if you want t & tail; optional&egon; active&agon; Or if[stroking]doesn’t solve your problem, you can still lift ć zł here from under łoża. All you have to do is ż open the inventory window and Tail Drag a stack of coins into your inventory.

Another option – for PC players – is to use the keyboard shortcut: Alt+Shift+left-click. It’s also worth remembering żtać, żć. Each character carries their own pile of gold, which is shared when a purchase is made. coins have a tail; żalsoż & aogon; wagon, so sometimes it’s worth giving ć for his ć companion when you get close & etail; Up to the maximum rear load´which adversely affects the speedćć movement.

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