Starfield is only for the most persistent players.  The game is massive - say the early testersGame Starfield was announced in the fall of 2020. For a long time we did not know exactly what this production would be. Now, Bethesda’s upcoming title (presumably premiering in June 2023) has no more secrets for us and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say it’s one of the most anticipated titles this year. However, recent reports indicate that it won’t be a title for everyone. And certainly not for people who don’t like highly developed open worlds.

It is said that the size of the world in Starfield is huge. It seems that it will be a game not only for science fiction fans, but above all for gamers who are not afraid to spend hundreds of hours on a single world.

Starfield is only for the most persistent players.  The game is massive - say the early testers [1]

Starfield is supposed to be very philosophical and make us look at life from a slightly different perspective

Starfield will be an open world RPG that will allow us to play the space travelers of the future. A few months ago, the people working on the production assured that it would be the largest project in the history of Bethesda, as evidenced by the fact that gamers will be able to visit more than 1000 different planets here (certainly not unique, but procedural, but the huge number of them is amazing). Today, game testers reached out to YouTuber Colt Eastwood join both Oohs and aahs on the game scale.

Starfield is only for the most persistent players.  The game is massive - say the early testers [2]

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Colt Eastwood, after consulting with testers, concluded that Starfield is larger than anything we’ve seen in Skyrim or Fallout. The game introduces all the elements from the two aforementioned series, and also “significantly expands” the content. Given how many planets we’ll be visiting, the testers’ conclusion shouldn’t be surprising. More concerning, however, is whether the game’s “airtime” will be filled with good enough content (including plot) to want to travel around such a large (universe). Fortunately, Eastwood comes to the rescue on this one, too. He notes that although many of the testers were pessimistic about the game, in the end they were very impressed with it.

Source: YouTube

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