Bad match, bad results.  Poles’ ratings after the victory over the Faroe Islands

For the first time in history, the Poles played for points against the Faroe Islands. The humble competitor played in deep defense throughout the match, and our players tried to break their resistance with positional attacks. They usually did so slowly, schematically, and ineffectively. The Reds and Whites won in the end, but they certainly did not win the hearts of the fans in the match against the Faroe Islands.

Poland before the match against the Faroe Islands in Warsaw

Photo: EPA

Goals of the Poles in the match against the Faroe Islands

He didn’t have much to do. In the 18th minute, he confidently blocked a weak shot from Juan Simon Edmondson. Then he got bored.

While playing against a weak opponent, he made many simple mistakes. He just watched Edmondson shoot. After several minutes, he was easily outmaneuvered by his opponent in the penalty area and saved by Krychowiak.

He didn’t have a chance to show off on defense, and he didn’t help much on offense. He basically passed across the field. In the 24th minute, he sent a good pass from Lewandowski, but the latter failed to pass the goalkeeper successfully.

There are no major mistakes in the back, and no discoveries in the front. He tried to pass the ball into the penalty area, but everything was too clear. He fired once, but at his opponents’ legs.

And try to join the attacks. In the 29th minute, he made a wonderful cross and passed the ball to Milik. He also made a perfect pass to Zieliński, and after his shot the goalkeeper had to make an intervention. Changed after the break.

Usually very dynamic, this time she is apathetic and lost. Once he made a good pass to Milik, but he shot over it. He also fired from a long distance, but she blocked him. He did not take the field again in the second half. And she’s right about that.

He returned to the team, tried to show himself and fight, but for a long time the only thing he got was a yellow card. In the 28th minute, he returned to the defense perfectly, avoiding a good last-minute move by his opponents. He had a few receptions, but his performance was poor.

A lot could be expected from the Napoli playmaker, and he was still one of the few who managed to create something. He was in a good position at the beginning of the match, but he failed. In the 37th minute he played with Pierzynski, after which he shot dangerously with his head. After his crosses, Lewandowski once hit the crossbar and once missed a great opportunity.

At times he was active, getting to the ball and making crosses. In stoppage time, he decided to shoot the ball, which the goalkeeper easily blocked. In the second half, his shot almost missed the side flag.

He hasn’t scored a goal at PGE National Stadium in almost two years. On Thursday it finally broke through. First he scored a goal after a lucky penalty kick, then after a beautiful technical strike. Ironically, this was not his big match. In the first half he was nervous and struggling. In the 51st minute, his header hit the crossbar. Then he delayed twice instead of shooting and missed excellent opportunities.


Robert Lewandowski breathed a sigh of relief after the goal

Photo: Polish Press Agency

In the 29th minute, he attempted a header, but the goalkeeper blocked it. The second half started with a missed shot. It was changed less than an hour ago.

After many years, he returned to the national team. After changing sides, he was supposed to give a boost to his slower teammates and bring some liveliness to the right side of the pitch. In the 64th minute, he bravely entered the penalty area, but his shot was blocked.

In the 59th minute, he replaced Milik. He was invisible most of the time, but he helped Lewandowski.

He recently joined Fenerbahce and is doing a great job there. He did not show great form in Warsaw on Thursday.

Damian Szymanski and Camille Grusicki -No rating

We rated Polish national team players on a scholastic scale from 1 to 6, where 6 represents an outstanding performance, 3 an average performance, and 1 a very poor performance.

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