Launch of the 5G indoor campus network at the Silesian University of Technology.  It will be used to test solutions for Industry 4.0

The launch of the ultra-fast 5G network is a launching moment for the Industry 4.0 technology test center at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. Thanks to the cooperation between the University, Orange Polska and the APA Group, a technology showroom has been created where innovations at the interface of science and industry 4.0 can be tested in practice.

The initiative provides expanded development opportunities for both the university community and Polish companies striving to accelerate digital transformation, automation and robotics.

– The launch of the 5G network at the Silesian University of Technology in cooperation with Orange is another breakthrough step towards the future of science and technology in Poland. This is a unique asset of our Industry 4.0 Centre, which has a long-term commitment to researching and delivering the latest scientific developments to the industrial sector. Collaboration with our strategic partner APA Group has led to the creation of a technology showroom, a real production line in line with the idea of ​​Digital Transformation 4.0. Thanks to the newly launched 5G network, we now have the opportunity not only to research, but also to shape difficult and complex processes into the actual production structure. Students and scientists can now gain hands-on experience with technologies that represent the future of science and industry. This allows for the education of modern employees, ideally trained to use future technologies. – He says Dr. Hap. M. Professor WC Anna TimofejchukDean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology.

Industry 4.0 technology testing center

Students, lecturers and representatives of Polish industry can now run projects using 5G technology is based on the 3.6 GHz band It is made available on a testing basis by the Office of Electronic Communications. As part of the Industry 4.0 Technology Test Center. On site, within the university walls, they can select the entire product remotely, give it specific features, and then produce it, monitoring every stage of the production process in real time using elements such as artificial intelligence, big data, or machine learning. After the course ends, the user (manager, maintenance worker, planner) will receive an easy-to-use report that includes indicators of quality, efficiency, costs, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The availability of the ultra-fast 5G network doubles the possibilities for analyzing data and making quick and accurate decisions.

– Using the latest technologies, such as 5G, is an important element of our strategy. We know that applications like this clearly demonstrate the potential of new generation solutions, which is why we are constantly building campus networks. We are relying on our experience in Poland, where we have already launched such networks in the Łódź Special Economic Zone, at the Miele plant in Csawěwiro and the Nokia plant in Bydgoszcz, as well as on the experience of the Orange Group in other European countries – he explains. Bożena Leśniewska, Vice Chairman of the Board of Management for Business Market at Orange Polska. – 5G technology dramatically accelerates data transfer, reducing transfer delays to near zero and at the same time radically increasing the number of devices that can be connected to the network. “We believe that the network at the Silesian University of Technology will contribute greatly to the creation of many interesting solutions and will help in making good business decisions,” he adds.

5G aims to provide fast and reliable connectivity without kilometers of cables for various Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as sensors and sensors. Expanding the station and adding additional equipment is also low cost and easy to integrate. These devices monitor every stage of production. This allows for analysis and improvement of production processes. With 5G capabilities, solutions can be tested in near real-time.

Benefits for entrepreneurs

– Launching a 5G network in an organization is not just a step forward. This is a technological leap that opens the door to unlimited possibilities in the field of communications, data processing and analysis. In the context of smart factories, this technology allows almost instantaneous communication between machines, which significantly increases the level of efficiency and safety. The use of 5G in warehouse management and logistics is equally revolutionary. We can track and optimize resource flow in real time, eliminating errors and accelerating the entire supply chain, he says. Dr. M. Artur Pollack, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the APA Group We also cannot forget the impact of technology on the quality of life in cities. Thanks to the use of 5G in urban infrastructure, we can rely on more effective traffic management, which translates into fewer traffic jams and improved air quality. I see the amazing potential of 5G for Polish businesses and society as a whole.

In the era of digital transformation, organizations are adapting to increasing requirements in terms of communications and data processing. Their ally is the 5G network, which offers a number of advantages:

  • Significant savings in cost and time By eliminating redundant cabling infrastructure;
  • Unlimited, Add new items easily and quickly to the network;
  • Increase productivity and eliminate delays Critical for many industrial applications;
  • Improve movement coordination Machines and Robots – And increase safety humans;
  • More flexibility Businesses, as a result, lower costs, lower carbon dioxide emissions, and lower utility consumption.

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