March 22, 2023


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A sensation in Paris.  Benzema's great work didn't help [WIDEO] football

A sensation in Paris. Benzema’s great work didn’t help [WIDEO] football

Apart from the match between the Belgians and the Dutch in the “Polish” group of the League of Nations The meeting was going to be the most interesting World champions With the last qualifiers to the semi-finals euroThis is France with Denmark. However, not much happened in the first half. The Danes had their position to take the lead in the fourth minute after a good job on the field criminal. Kasper Dolberg passed the ball to Joakim Maehle to the far post, but the Dane only hit the post from close range. Reply in the 15th minute Karim Benzema Shot the ball into the visitors’ goal, but this goal Goal He is not recognized because he is a soccer player Reality He was an intruder. There were no more interesting works in the first part.

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The French were up front, but gave themselves points at the end. Denmark wins

It just got more interesting in a second. Already in the 48th minute France She was able to drive, but a circumstantial shot by Karim Benzema was saved by Schmeichel. But only three minutes later, the attacker Real Madrid He has already entered the shooters list after a great job. The French gave the ball into the penalty area for Lincoln, playing with a heel, and the footballer Real Madrid lost many defenders by dribbling and sending the ball into the net. But the Danes faltered and leveled in the 68th minute. Andreas Cornelius was left completely exposed, as pointed out by Pierre Højbjerg. So he sent a perfect 10-meter pass, and Cornelius hit the ball into the net.

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In the 81st minute, the French approached the second goal after N’Golo Kante hit the post from a distance. But unexpectedly in the 89th minute, it was the Danes who turned the scales of victory in their favour. The hero was Cornelius who scored the second goal in this match, this time after a Mahle pass. The striker fell into the penalty area and despite the defender’s help and a sharp angle, he threw the ball into the goal, even though Lloris seemed to be in good shape. However, the shot was so powerful that the ball fluttered into the net. This is how Denmark scored a surprise in Paris and won with France 2: 1.

The Croats were defeated by the Austrians. Two goals in three minutes

A lot also happened in the second game of this group, in which the Croats faced Austria. In the 19th minute, Mario Pasalic crossed from the left side and hit his head towards the goal, but he missed a little. Four minutes later, visiting player Andreas Faymann tried his luck after a technical shot from the right. After 120 seconds only Basalek tried again. This time with his foot, but at the last moment he was blocked by the defenders.

The Croats continued to attack. Mateo Kovacic shot from distance, Andrej Kramaric from the side of the penalty area, but Lindner did well in goal. The Austrian goalkeeper made a mistake in the 36th minute when he jumped to the ball with Pasalic. It seemed that the ball should fall on the goalkeeper, but it was the Croat behind him who hit his head on an empty goal and … hit the crossbar.

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Unused measures led to a revenge on the Croats in the 41st minute. Marko Arnautovic took the ball dozens of meters from the home team’s goal and ran it towards the penalty area. Defenders of Croatia in on the principle They did not bother him, so the striker reached the 16-meter line and fired a shot, and then the ball was in the net. Three minutes later, Louvreau Mager tried to respond from an acute angle, but Lindner hit the ball again.

The start of the second half could have been a shock to the Croats. The Austrians scored two more goals in three minutes! First, in the 54th minute, Michael Grigorić entered the list of shooters who used a pass from Maximilian Weber, and in the 57th minute Marcel Sabitzer scored the goal with a long shot. By the end of the match the result had not changed and there was a surprise in this case as well. Austria beat Croatia 3-0 and tops Group 1. Denmark is second, followed by France and Croatia.

remaining matches The League of Nations It played in Divisions C and D. Previously, Kazakhstan defeated Azerbaijan 2: 0, Belarus lost to Slovakia 0: 1. In turn, in Division D, Latvia defeated Andorra 3-0. In this match, Andorra defenders had a strange accident, Who tried to set up a clever sneak trap but they deceived themselves. In the second match, Liechtenstein lost to Moldova with a score of 0: 2.

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Friday Nations League results:

Section A:

  • Belgium – Netherlands 1: 4
  • Croatia-Austria 0:3
  • France – Denmark 1: 2

Section C:

  • Kazakhstan – Azerbaijan 2: 0
  • Belarus – Slovakia 0:1

Section D:

  • Latvia – Andorra 3-0
  • Liechtenstein – Moldova 0:2