Avengers 5 with a big change.  The film gets its title from the mix-up with Jonathan Majors

It has to be admitted that Marvel Studios hasn't had an easy time lately. One might be under the impression that since the amazing premiere of “Avengers: Endgame,” they've had an uphill climb all along. Sure – there are better, more interesting moments and individual successes, but in the end we are no longer dealing with an endless series of victories on the financial and referential front.

Moreover, there are also situations that the studio itself cannot do much about. One of them, of course, has to do with the recent arrest of Jonathan Mayors. A disgrace to the actor's reputation It led to Disney firing himWhich in turn affects the future plans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe itself. It just so happens that Kang, played by the man, is one of the main antagonists of the upcoming Avengers films.

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And although it has been wondered for a long time whether everything will go according to plan and will simply be replaced, now facts have appeared on the Internet that dispel doubts to some extent. According to the latest material published on The Hollywood Reporter website, We shouldn't expect the title “Kang Dynasty” anymore On the occasion of the release of the fifth Avengers movie.

This most likely means the villain himself They will be pushed out of the main domain as much as possibleHe will be replaced by another person who will try to deal with the group of superheroes protecting the Earth. Who are you betting on?

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