Xbox Game Pass in May with potential success and a modest selection of games?  Microsoft is preparing for a surprise

In recent months, even before the offer was announced, we knew that most of the titles were coming to Xbox Game Pass. In this regard, the May list is a little different.

Making an ongoing project available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog is an important event, especially for small developers and publishers, which is why companies often boast that they have been able to sign an agreement with Microsoft. So, even before the official list is announced, we already know some of the items that will be heading to the library next month.

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However, it may feature a slightly different situation. Microsoft has so far only announced one game coming to the service, and in the meantime we've learned of two smaller additional items that will be included in the catalogue.

It will premiere on May 9 Little kitty, big city Although the big city cat adventure was introduced at Nintendo's recent event, we can expect it to debut not only on Nintendo Switch and PC, but also on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass.

On May 21, Microsoft's most important game of the first half of 2024 will hit the market. Senua Saga: Hellblade 2 has been in development for a long time, and many players hope that the title will deliver unparalleled emotions. Ninja Theory won't offer us a surprisingly long experience, but what matters in this case is quality.

On May 23, subscribers to the service will be able to check out the combination of action adventure and shooter, because Hunty It will land in digital stores. The game will be available at launch on six platforms (PS5, XSX|S, PS4, XOne, Switch and PC) and will be enhanced by Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass May – Initial list of games

  • 09.05 – Little Kitty, Big City,
  • 21.05 – Senua Saga: Hellblade 2,
  • 23.05 – Hanti.

The list isn't particularly large, but we can be sure that the giant from Redmond is preparing some surprises. eXtas1stv, an Xbox brand insider, suggests that Brothers' Adventure will be made available – there are several indications that Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake will be added to the subscription.


Two Brothers visits Game Pass this week

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