February 4, 2023


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Avatar 2: Essence of Water – image leaked. This is how the villain will return from the first part?

Stephen Lang in the movie symbol picture Played by Colonel Miles Koaric. This was the main villain in the story. When the sequel was announced, it headed the movie Avatar: Essence of Water, the creators did not hide the fact that Lang is in the cast. However, we did not know yet how he would return, because in the first part he was killed by Neteri (Zoe Saldana).

Avatar 2: Essence of Water – Pictures

Two more images from the trailer, which will appear in theaters May 6 with the show’s premiere, have been leaked to the network. Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness. It will only be shown in cinemas for a week, after which it will be shown on the Internet. One of these photos shows that Koaric’s consciousness has apparently been transferred to the avatar, just as Sulli did in one of the photos. We can see that the character has a tattoo on the same arm as the colonel’s human counterpart. Details of the plot and the circumstances of his rescue are unknown at the moment, but most likely we will get to know the details soon. The Quaritch image begins gallery below.

Avatar: Essence of Water – What is the movie?

Sully’s family spirit is disrupted when the RDA returns to Pandora, and Jake is forced to move his family to what is seen as a safe haven on the reef. There is a clan called Metkayina that lives there. Heroes are no longer in their familiar environment. They feel like fish taken out of the water and have to face the foreign culture as well as the natural factors they are not used to.

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Avatar 2 Premiere on December 16, 2022 only in cinemas.