February 3, 2023


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Avatar – James Cameron talks about his impressions of watching the remastered version of the movie in cinemas

The movie premiere is fast approaching symbol picture In cinemas. It will be a modified version of the show. This is a great opportunity for viewers who haven’t seen the first installment on the big screen to see the production ahead of the sequel’s premiere in December. display manager, James Cameron, revealed that he watched the remastered version of the movie with his children, who only watched it on Blu-ray or livestream. He said that thanks to this show, I understood the size of the show better.

Additionally, Cameron shared his thinking about the current tradition of going to the movies. This is slowly returning to its pre-pandemic state, he said, but the drop in viewership has been linked to a lack of headlines. He said symbol picture It is a typical “baby poster”, i.e. a movie that works best on the big screen.

symbol picture Curiosity and facts

Avatar – What is the movie?

The protagonist of the film is Jake Sully, an ex-soldier who replaces him on an expedition to the planet Pandora after the death of his twin brother. The man is supposed to absorb and learn the customs of the Na’vi dynasty that inhabits the planet using the title avatar. For this purpose, Jake’s mind is transferred to a foreign body created specifically for him. Over time, Sulli falls in love with Nitiri, the Na’vi actress, and struggles against divisions in a soulless company that only wants to get Pandora’s precious resources out of her.

symbol picture The premiere of the restyled version in Poland on September 23.