February 4, 2023


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Avatar 2: Essence of Water – amazing and wonderful? Sam Worthington delivered the verdict

13 years ago James Cameron Break records with the movie symbol picture. It was finally time to continue the show. sequel Avatar: Essence of Water It will take us back to the wonderful world of Pandora. While fans aren’t sure what to expect, the star of the franchise Sam Worthington He is sure you will not be disappointed. The actor spoke about the film in an interview with Variety portal. He joked that he was 30 when he started, he’ll be 50 when he progresses, so by the time they got to parts four and five, he might actually be in a wheelchair.

It is great to be a part of such a wonderful family and to have such a long life. Jim is a very loyal guy and has the same people on board, but I am a very small cog in this machine. There is a great creative team behind it, and as far as I know, what they have come up with is amazing and amazing.

In the CinemaCon video, Sam Worthington also spoke about the technical aspects of the film. according to him Avatar 2 You’ll once again push the boundaries of what can be seen on the big screen – high definition, high frame rate and stunning visuals.

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