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Saturday’s release of “Dzień dobry TVN” did not start well for Małgorzata Ohme. The presenter had a mistake talking about a very hot topic at the moment. Philip Chager tried to salvage the situation, but did he succeed?

TV viewers who played “Dzień dobry TVN” on Saturday morning were surprised at the start of the release. Saturday The program did not start well for the hosts. Małgorzata Ohme, after welcoming the audience, decided to tell us a little about what her morning was like. She also shares it Reflections on changing timesIt is a very hot topic on the last Saturday of October. Unfortunately, speaking of rearranging the clocks, ‘Good Morning TVN’ host made a mistake.

Today is the last day you can legally sleep longer – she said on the air, and Philip Chagers was surprised.

How is that? he asked surprised.

Then the leader decided to expand her statement and Explain what you mean. just because of that So she became even more confused.

Because tomorrow when they sleep it will be nine o’clock instead of eight… – He began to explain Ohm, whom Shagger called:

No, my dear, we’ll sleep longer tomorrow, and we’ll go into winter. The place where we sleep an hour longer and the world is beautiful

Netizens did not pass by the situation with “Dzień dobry TVN” carelessly. They never miss an opportunity for jokes.

This is one of the reasons why the time does not change. The crowd of people doesn’t even understand what’s going on One of the commentators summed it up.

Change from summer to winter

Let us remind you that on the night of Saturday 30 October to Sunday 31 October we change the time from summer to winter. We reset the clocks after midnight, Moving the hands back one hour – from three to two We’ll sleep longer tonight, but The extra hour of sleep, unfortunately, does not carry over to the following days. We’ll go back to DST on the last Sunday in March 2022 – then we’ll move the hands from 2 to 3 a.m.

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