It was the beginning of the great downfall.  Hollywood has turned its back on him

Hollywood blue eyes, huge wages, global popularity and inside a tormented soul. Mel Gibson was one of the brightest stars of his era. Later it all collapsed when his The movie “Passion” was called an anti-Semitic, he himself became an alcoholic, divorced and accused of violence. In this photo, we look at his history and personality, as well as the Hollywood machine he grew up in.

In the early 2000s, Mel Gibson was at the peak of his career and one of the biggest movie stars. The American-born actor who grew up in Australia is best known for his TV series “Mad Max” and “Lethal Weapon”, earning a record salary of $25 million. For his role, he won an Academy Award for the film Braveheart, which he directed. He lived a seemingly happy family life with his wife Robin and seven children on an 800-acre farm hundreds of kilometers outside Melbourne. It was the name of the hidden house KarenyaWhich means happy place in Aboriginal language.

Mel Gibson –

His career began with the movie “Passion”. It had a successful turnout, but Jewish organizations accused the script of anti-Semitism. This was the beginning of Gibson’s big meltdown, and soon alcoholism, divorce, domestic violence, and anti-Semitic and racist statements made regular headlines. Hollywood has finally turned its back on him.

He was nominated for an Academy Award in 2017 for Best Director for The movie “Ridge of Survivors” And the Sequel to the movie “Lethal Weapon” He seems to herald his return and rehabilitation. But the question remains: Who is this tormented man who went from being an Oscar-winning hero to a persona non grata in the film industry? In his last project, he returned to the religious topic, even though it had already ruined his career. The movie is titled “The Passion of Christ – The Resurrection”. It tells about the life of Christ after his suffering and crucifixion. Gibson rose? It couldn’t be more symbolic in his autobiography.

The documentary Mel Gibson – Eccentric Portrait paints a ruthless portrait of one of Hollywood’s most controversial actors. It is available for free on the VOD platform.

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