Audra contamination.  Scientists from Germany are looking at a new introduction.  It's poisonous algae

As reported by, the website of the regional radio and television broadcaster from Brandenburg, German scientists believe that a toxic type of algae may have contributed to the mass death of fish in the Odra River.

Based on the current state of knowledge, researchers from the Berlin Institute for Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries have been named Leibniz I think so. The most likely cause of an environmental disaster.

“This would explain the high oxygen content in the water despite the heat,” marine biologist Christian Walter told RBB.

Scientists have not yet found an answer to the question What external factors can lead to toxic algal blooms.

Wolf von Templing also from the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research in Magdeburg You consider the algae thesis reasonableHowever, it also takes into account other reasons, including high salinity, which could have arisen as a result of the discharge of chemical pollutants into the Odra River.

It is not yet possible to confirm any of the scenarios. As the Minister of Climate and Environment reported on Sunday, Polish laboratories are testing the waters for the presence of more than 300 substances.

On Tuesday, she said, the CIEP examines all conditions that confirm high salinity and high temperature Anna Moscow. stressed that The occurrence of all the above factors simultaneously is also taken into account.

She added that in the tested samples of dead fish, no pesticides or radioactive isotopes were found above normal.

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