Scientists have figured out how to use an unlimited source of energy.  And it’s not about the sun at all

Deep decarbonization is a relatively young concept, but over the years and the development of green technologies, we will be hearing more and more about it. It signals a more radical departure from all sources (devices, machines, technologies) that can emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Scientists from China and Great Britain propose a solution to deep decarbonisation. They have developed a photosynthetic system with energy storage that is greener than we thought. The results of their work can be read on the pages Energy Science and Engineering.

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Dual panels and energy storage is not surprising. The catch is that the batteries available to store the excess energy made up the entire Mendeleev table. The raw materials used to build them must be extracted from somewhere, and the warehouses themselves have a limited lifespan. photovoltaic cells too. Although this technology is still safer and more environmentally friendly than coal-fired power plants, it can be made greener. The researchers used the concept of liquid air storage in their research.

PV-LAES, a source of energy that we will never run out of. And I’m not talking about the sun at all

PV-LAES (Photovoltaics – Liquid Air Energy Storage), that is, a photovoltaic energy and storage system with energy accumulation for liquid air, is something that radically reduces carbon dioxide emissions2. Works best on large scale commercial projects. The excess energy from the sun powers the air compressor, which then builds up at temperatures of -196°C, and the battery is “discharged” when the air is heated – changing its state to gas, and driving turbines to produce electricity.

Scientists followed the hypothetical project PV-LAES on the example of a domestic photovoltaic power plant. The system is so effective that its installation costs pay for themselves after less than 10 years. Energy storage brought financial benefits of US$2 million per contract, which meant that the cost of energy production was simply lower, so the end-user bills would be correspondingly lower.

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If solar panels are to become one of the main sources of energy in the future, all large projects must necessarily be supplemented with energy storage. This is due to the fact that electricity from the sun is generated depending on weather conditions. Compressed air batteries do not use any heavy metals, only phase change processes. PV-LAES may not become popular systems overnight, but when the need to decarbonize the economy emerges more, it will certainly appear on the lips of the world.

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