"Where the Raki Sings" is an adaptation of the phenomenon, and "Notre Dame Burns" is played by Ibn Syurin.  What's Next?

Friday’s premiere is screen adjustment Novels With the same title: “Where the lobster sings.” The book is a record phenomenon that has captured the attention of more than 13 million readers. For years, rumors swirled in Barclay Cove about the swamp girl, and Kia never came close to the community. In fact, that’s not what the locals think. She is a very sensitive and intelligent girl who lacks closeness to another human being. As Kya slowly opens up to a new and amazing world, she becomes a murder suspect. As the case progresses, the verdict on what really happened becomes more and more unclear, threatening to reveal many of the secrets lurking in the swamp.

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Where does the lobster sing? [ZWIASTUN]

What other premieres?

Another novelty champion – Movie “XXL Dog” – His name is Marmaduke and he is America’s favorite dog, known from the comics for 70 years. He’s a couch dog, but he’s grown into a big toy dog. He loves to play and often gets into trouble. One day, a series of his idiots appeared on the Internet, which quickly made him famous. He becomes a world famous trainer who is interested in a big dog with an even bigger heart. The lives of Marmaduke and his human family will now plunge into the world of purebred dog shows and a whole host of conceited beauties and dangerous competitors. Will the barking hero believe in himself?

Notre Dame is burning shocking Date They fight to save one of Europe’s holy places and the relics of Christianity. On April 15, 2019, exciting news spread around the world: Notre Dame cathedral caught fire! Hundreds of firefighters fought the element. Conditions were very harsh, and the fire spread through the inaccessible attic, the stake was not only to save one of the greatest buildings on earth, but also to save priceless relics. In the treasury of the cathedral, among other things, the wreath of Christ of thistles is kept. Time was running out and the situation became even more dramatic … In one of the roles is the son of Andrzej Seweryn – Maximilien.

Wolfgang Petersen is dead. Take out, among other things, the iconic “Troy”

And fans of Polish cinema will be able to see other things Piotr Adamczyk in the international production of “Wrobiony”. The Doctor of Art goes to Italy to study the works of Caravaggio. The situation becomes ambiguous and dangerous when it comes to tracking counterfeiters.

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Specials, including one series that debuted

Over the coming weekend, as part of the Helios Onstage series, viewers will see the famous musician – Andre Rieu and the magic orchestra Johann Strauss return with a live performance to the beautiful Frithof Market in Maastricht. The title of the new summer concert will be “Happy Days Again”.

Fans of the “After” series will probably be delighted with the fact that on August 24 the grand finale of this best-selling series will take place. “After 4. We can’t survive without each other” is the next version Date Tessa and Harden’s relationship. The relationship has gone through so many trials that it seems stronger than ever. However, when the family secrets of both lovers are revealed, it turns out that the most difficult test is still ahead of them… Will they appreciate the true feeling when they find out that their whole life so far has been a lie? Just two days after the film’s premiere, on August 26th, Film Night Marathons invite you to a hot night full of feelings, sensations and emotions. Viewers will then watch the four parts of the popular series romances.

Tom Sturgid in 'Sandman'Is “The Sandman” understandable to viewers who haven’t read the original script?

As part of the network’s latest series – Helios Anime – at its premiere on the weekend of August 19-21, the movie “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” created with the participation and participation of the original comic creator – Akira Toriyama will be shown. This live manga legend is responsible for the script and characters of the new movie. Son Goku defeated the Red Ribbon Army. His heirs created the top Android systems Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. Those who called themselves “Super Heroes” attacked Piccolo and Gohan. What is the purpose of the new Red Ribbon Army? Disaster looms…

On August 22, the Koneser Cinema Series will invite viewers of select cinemas to the movie “Between Two Worlds.” Respected writer Marianne Winkler (played by Juliette Binoche) plans to dedicate her latest book to the social situation in northern France, resulting from the global economic crisis. Job insecurity, lack of insurance and fear of what tomorrow will bring are just some of the problems facing a large group of French citizens that the system has forgotten.

On August 25, the movie “Sonata” will be shown in the “Available Culture” series. This is a touching story based on the facts of Grzegorz Płonka, who was diagnosed with hearing loss at the age of 14, and is not – as previously assumed – autistic. It is a moving image that beautifully shows the amazing way to achieve the impossible, driven by tremendous effort and struggle.

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