Fuel prices will undergo a natural revolution.  Diesel and gasoline in a new reality

The end of the year does not provide the best information when it comes to fuel prices. The price of diesel and gasoline should rise at the end of the first quarter of the new year, which unfortunately is already visible in oil prices on world stock exchanges. December 31st is the last trading day of the year, and it started this morning at $79.5 a barrel.

Diesel and gasoline back in the hands of OPEC +

Immediately after the new year, on January 4, representatives of the OPEC + countries will meet. However, everything indicates that it will be a formal meeting just for the proverbial coffee. Analysts and experts have no doubt that no changes will be made and that the contract in effect at all times will be preserved. This means that production will rise again by 400,000 barrels per month.

There will be no need to increase or decrease production, since the increased price on the stock exchange is satisfactory to everyone. Even a month ago, when the price was just above $70 a barrel, that wasn’t a concern. Moreover, now you should not expect a revolution in world markets. More could happen over time, if…Iran joins the game.

The country is still negotiating with the United States and wants to ensure “freedom of the market” in its oil supplies. At the moment, however, the talks are very difficult on both sides. Although the demands do not seem very high at first glance, given the realities of the world, they are quite complex in terms of guarantees. Therefore, so far, after numerous meetings, no compromise has been reached.

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General breakthrough without major changes

December 31 is not only the last day of the year, but it is also the last day that the low production tax related to the anti-inflation shield takes effect. This means that fuel prices will be slightly higher than January 1. Therefore, if a person has the opportunity to fill his fuel tank or gas cylinder today, then it is worth doing it.

And the more it goes up, as we mentioned earlier, the price of oil is going up. And gas stations see that while this is a topic for them for more than a month to come, they are already raising fuel prices earlier. Therefore, it is better to take advantage of lower prices and refuel sooner. It is always a certain saving for the wallet.

Diesel Fuel Gasoline LPG Prices

So far, average fuel prices are falling and this trend may not last for long. A certain stability must be expected and now the price of diesel or petrol may slowly rise again. However, the situation with distributors is still better than in the standard period.

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