June 7, 2023


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How much pension will you receive from July, up to 240 zlotys.  When and how much to return for the first half of 2022. Calculations from ZUS [11.06.2022]

How much pension will you receive from July, up to 240 zlotys. When and how much to return for the first half of 2022. Calculations from ZUS [11.06.2022]

Pensions are higher in July and the following months – this is already happening. As of July 1, the profit and loss rate has been reduced from 17 percent to 12 percent, which for most retirees means the highest “hand”, i.e. net payments. For most people, because the increased free amount is still valid, up to 30,000 PLN, which means that pensions up to 2,500 PLN per month are completely tax-exempt and the tax schedule rate for pensioners receiving a benefit up to 2,500 PLN per month is not Link. Most importantly, all those affected by the tax on earnings before the reduction must receive a tax refund for the first half of 2022. When will that happen?

The higher pensions as of July 2022 are the result of reducing the first rate of the tax schedule from 17%. Up to 12%, – while maintaining the tax-exempt amount in 2022 in the amount of PLN 30,000.

This means that in July and the following months, a little more than half of the people receiving the highest pensions will receive pensions – 3.1 million of the more than 6 million.

Why don’t all retirees get higher salaries in July? This is the result of the amount of interest and the tax schedule.
Who will not receive a higher pension in July:

  • Persons receiving a pension of up to 2500 PLN,
  • People receiving a pension of 16 thousand PLN and more.

People with lower pensions won’t get a higher benefit than July because its full amount is exempt from comprehensive income tax anyway, and pensioners who get these pensions only get a 9 percent deduction. Health insurance premiums.

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Electricity suppliers have to raise prices because electricity at wholesalers becomes more expensive.  In June, wholesale electricity prices on the Polish Energy Exchange rose to 0.88 PLN/kWh, which is much more than double the prices that households pay in regulated tariffs.

Significant rise in electricity prices for homes – even by…

People who receive the highest benefits – more than 16,000 PLN, will not benefit from the changes because what “grants” them the first reduction will compensate for changes at the top of the tax table, more than 9 percent. Medicare Contribution, payable on all taxable and non-deductible income.

According to the professor. Gertruda Uścińska, head of the Social Insurance Institution, from July, payments for old-age and disability pensions will be deducted by advance on income tax at 12%, minus 1/12 of the amount that reduces the tax. About 3.1 million old-age and disability pensioners will benefit from the changes. On average, it will be more than 726 PLN for them per year.

– Those who receive a pension of 2.5-9.3 thousand in July, will receive compensation several tens of zlotys higher than in June. For example, if a person receives a pension of 3000 PLN, then he will receive PLN 25. People who take advantage of 4,500 PLN will receive a higher payment of PLN 100 in July. Beneficiaries who receive PLN 4,920 per month will benefit the most. In July, they can count on a higher transfer of up to PLN 121 – says the professor. Uścińska.

According to the head of ZUS, retirees and retirees will also benefit from changes in the tax amount for the entire 2022 year.