"Attack on business" - says the owner of the chain store Lewiatan

Electricity and gas costs have increased by more than 300%. This is an attack on small and medium businesses – says in an interview with the service business news Ireneusz Wróbel, owner of several stores operating within the Lewiatan Podkarpacie chain.

He admits that he will likely have to make difficult decisions. As he says, the “biggest drama” is letting people go. Our employees have been with us for more than 20 years. They have their own family and children, they want to live normally and continue to work at a decent level – he says.

Will there be a price cut in his stores from February due to the VAT being reduced to zero on some goods? Wróbel confirms this. – To this day, we still do not have the final list of products affected by this change – He adds, though.

It also confirms that the final price of goods on the shelf depends on many factors

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