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Probably a success This has brought him a lot of hatred, but what is undeniable is that he knows how to take advantage of every opportunity given to him after becoming famous. .

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Reaching Latin America and all the countries of Latin America, the Mexican made his videos go very differently and went viral on the Asian stage. .

Since then, he has become an influencer on social media with millions of followers, which has increased and then decreased because many of them do not want to see his content, which may be considered a bit strange by his attitude.

The popularity he got on social websites, at one point made him come up with the opportunities he could have dreamed of. She became a model of the best fashion catwalks and began to try as a singer.

When it appears that he has already reached the pinnacle of his career, a new opportunity has come, this time coming as an actor in a series that will be produced worldwide by the Netflix site.

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Mexican Influencer is now participating in the Netflix series. (Photo: Kunno / Instagram)

Kunno is my Netflix

The social media star used his Instagram account to share the best news with his followers: he will be on the “Wild Rhythm” series. .

Kunno used his good time to express his delight at taking this new step in his career in Mexican and world entertainment. TikTok.

“I am so thankful for this great opportunity God has put in front of me. At first I was terrified because I was going to face a great challenge in life like acting and dancing., Wrote.

He described everything he felt when he saw the actors sharing the scenes, saying he was very nervous and learned a lot from them.

“When I found out who I was going to share the scene with, in fact, my legs trembled and I started to cry. I did not know if I could, but I told my team I could, and I want to tell you who are behind the cell phone too, for hugging me and teaching me, I also want to thank the stars of the best series in the world for not looking at me outside when it came to filming. What’s so crazy about this? ‘ On the contrary, they hugged me, helped me shine, advised me and made me a family, ”he said.

When does “Wild Rhythm” premiere?

According to Netflix official information, the “Wild Rhythm” series is set to premiere worldwide on Wednesday, March 2, and will make its debut. Kunno On this platform.

What is “Wild Rhythm” about?

In “The opposite worlds of Colombian dancers Carina and Antonia collide on and off the dance floor as their ambition for success takes them down a dangerous path.

The Netflix series tells the story of two groups of young people whose truths may not be the opposite, but they all share a deep love for dance and acting. In addition, they are all at an important stage in their lives because they need to take the first steps towards the path they want to follow.

“Wild Rhythm” Actors and Characters

  • Greece Rendon as Karina
  • Paulina Devila as Antonia
  • Martina the Dangerous
  • Juan Manuel Guillermo
  • Christina Warner
  • Alexander Futroko
  • Serge Herrera
  • Christina Warner
  • Angela Cono
  • Sasuke Lopez
  • Palace of David
  • Elizabeth Torrent
  • Alexander Futroko
  • Kevin Barry
  • Andres Juan Hernandez
  • Kunno

“Wild Rhythm” Trailer

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