Your net salary after "Nowy ada".  This will be the difference in the calculation - Salary Calculator [24.09.21]

The Cabinet has already prepared draft changes to taxes, one of the pillars of the main law and justice program called the New Deal. If the program goes into effect, our net pay will change (due to, among other things, changes in the tax-exempt amount). We have prepared calculations for our sample salaries based on the calculator provided by the government. How might your salary change? Check in the gallery.

Thanks to the new salary calculator released by the government, we can see how much net salary will be under the “New Deal”. Of course, assuming that the proposed solutions will become a viable law. The House of Representatives will deal with them soon.

In this gallery we present calculations for salary models. They start from PLN 3010, because this is the minimum wage from 2022.

  • We have made the calculations based on The official calculator provided by the government Wages and salaries subject to changes in Nowy Lada. For the calculations in this gallery, we assumed that the employee is not a participant in the PPK, works at the place of residence and has no children up to 18 years of age.

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New Deal – Net Salary Calculation

The government recently adopted a draft of the tax changes, which is one of the pillars of the so-called “New Deal”. As of 2022, nearly 9 million citizens will no longer pay income tax – and this will have the effect of increasing net salary. Unfortunately, there will also be a group of people whose net pay will go down. The proposed tax changes were one of the reasons for the dissolution of the coalition and led to the departure of Jaroslav Guin and some deputies.

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