Each month he receives two cents from ZUS.  This is what the pension of an elderly person from Wroclaw looks like

Total 3479 PLN – this is the current average pension in Poland. However, this is an average, and in reality, very different amounts are transferred to retirees' accounts – depending on their career path. The explosion could be massive.

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The highest pension in Poland. Here are the record holders

The holder of a pension record in our country is a resident of the Silesian Voivodeship, to whose account the ZUS branch in Zabrze transfers more than 43,000 PLN every month. Total Polish Zloty. The richest retiree ended his career at the age of 86, after working for more than 62 years and 5 months. The second place on the podium is a resident of Mazovia, who receives a benefit of more than PLN 36,000. Total Polish Zloty. Among women, the record holder is a 90-year-old resident of Bydgoszcz – her monthly allowance amounts to more than PLN 33,000. Zloty. “Gazeta Pomorska” He stated that the woman worked for 61 years and ended her career at the age of 81.

This is the lowest pension in our country

The lowest pension in Poland is only 2 Grozy and is paid by the ZUS branch in Wroclaw. It is collected by a man who retired at the age of 65. He has completed one month of business activity. A woman from the province receives a pension of 5 Grozi. Kujavian-Pomerania District. She worked for 6 years, but her pension contribution was paid for only 3 months. In contrast, in Lower Silesia, a pensioner receives a subsidy of 22 groz. I retired at the age of 60 and worked for only six months on a contract basis.

Explains Iona Kowalska Mathis, regional spokeswoman for ZUS in Lower Silesia “Rzeczpospolita”The reasons for the decrease in pensions include, among other things: illegal or contractual work, as well as “unpaid vacations and continuous sick leave.” – Only the long-term accumulation of contributions to an individual retirement account guarantees high payments from ZUS after retirement. (…) If a woman works for at least 20 years and a man for 25 years, ZUS will pay them the guaranteed amount of the minimum pension. He explains that if someone does not have this experience, they will take the amount of pension they have accumulated in their retirement account divided by their additional life expectancy.

Minimum pensions and indexation

The minimum pension in Poland is currently PLN 1,588.44 gross, or PLN 1,445.48 net. At the beginning of next month, benefits will begin to be indexed and are expected to rise by 12.12%. This means that the minimum guaranteed pension will rise to a total of PLN 1,780.96 – approximately PLN 1,621 “on hand”. A similar increase is expected for girls aged 13-14 in 2024.

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