Asimov's galactic empire will return -

The first part of the series will be available in bookstores on April 12 Galactic Empire Friday The stars are like dust. Resuming this course will fill the void between them Enterprisea robots The most famous classic American science fiction series by Isaac Asimov.

The novel will be published by Ribes Publishing House. The look of the release will be adapted to the rest of the Asimov series in this release.

Isaac Asimov is one of the greatest and most famous science fiction authors of all time. Born in 1920 in Petrovichi in Smolensk Oblast in Soviet Russia, died in 1992 in New York. He taught biochemistry at Boston University for most of his academic career. He was the author and editor of more than 500 books, mostly on popular science and science, but also fantasy and crime novels and joke collections.

Here is the cover and description The stars are like dust:

The stars are like a dust coverSource: Rebis

Byron Farrell, a naive student at Earth University, finds himself in the middle of a cosmic conspiracy. His father, a respected agent of Widemos from the planet Nefelos, is imprisoned and murdered, and an unknown perpetrator plants a radioactive bomb in Birona’s bedroom. Are these two events related? Why should the host die? Desperate and determined, Peron decides to explain everything. He leaves Earth and travels to deep space, where he gets caught up in a web of spy plots and where he will have to face the tyrants of the planet Tyrann. The game is not only Biron’s life at stake, but the freedom of the entire galaxy.

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