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M jak miłość, Episode 1618: Marzenka and Andrzejek’s last moments before their deaths! Their daughter Kalinka will miraculously survive, but she will be an orphan – PHOTOS

This is what Marzenka (Olga Szomaiska) and Andrei (Tomasz Oveczynski) last moments before their deaths in “M jak miłość” will look like. In the 1618 episode “M jak miłość” Lisiecki will die in a horrific accident near home. After leaving dinner from Ula (Iga Krefft) and Bartek (Arkadiusz Smoleński), they will get into the car and have no idea that they will never come home. They will lose their lives and young Setim Kalinka (Oluya Kupka), who will miraculously survive. Fate will watch the child, but the girl will never see her mother and father again.

Section “M jak miłość” 1618 – Monday, 30 November 2021, at 20.55 on TVP2

Marzenka and Andrzejak in the 1618 episode “M jak miłość” will die in a tragic car accident near their home. A nightmare crash will occur in Grabiena, and drunk Marios (Tomasz Lulek) will be responsible.. In the 1618 episode “M jak miłość”, the Lisiecki family will go to a family dinner with Ula and Bartek, where they will relax and say goodbye. If only they knew that they saw each other for the last time … The policeman and his wife would get in the car and drive away, but fate would make little Kalinka not in the car. The girl miraculously stays with the hosts all night, and it will only happen because she will fall asleep from exhaustion after dinner and no one will want to wake her. In this way, the child will not lose his life after a moment, when her parents collide with Gasevsky and die. Kalinka will become an orphan.

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Marzenka and Andrzej’s last moments in “M jak miłość” will be no problem at all. The Lisiecki family has recently taken a beating in the habitat they are finally planning to get out of. It was the Budzyńskis who bought the plot, but they would wait patiently for the Lisiecki family to build their own home. In previous episodes of “M jak miłość”, Partek promised to help his brother build. This is what Andrzejek and Marzenka will focus on – getting out of the habitat and starting a new life in their four walls.

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Marzenka and Andrzejek are two of the most beloved characters in “M jak miłość”, so it’s a shocker that the writers decided to kill these characters. Lesicki’s final moments in the series will center around the theme of moving on and starting over. Unfortunately, they won’t expect their plans to go along with them, when Jaszewski goes drunk on the road and causes a fatal accident. Only little Kalinka will not lose her life, and Alla and Bartik will have to rise to the occasion and take care of the baby.

Marzenka and Andrzejek leave M like love. They will die in a tragic accident in Grabina! The most beautiful moments of this couple before their death

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