Art the Clown will strike again.  Here’s the premiere of the horror movie “Terrifier 3” [WIDEO]
Art the Clown will attack again. According to Cinemaverse and Bloody Disgusting, “Terrifier 3,” the third installment in the Damien Leone series, will hit U.S. theaters on October 25, 2024. Now, thanks to the first teaser, you can feel the magic of the upcoming holidays:

A “terrifying” phenomenon

The Art of the Killer Clown is a character created by Damien Leone, a director who began his career as a makeup artist and creator of practical special effects in low-budget horror films. The hero made his debut in his short films – “The 9th Circle” and “Terrifier” – and then in his first feature film, the horror film “Trick or Treat”, which grossed huge profits at the box office. The film was supposed to be so terrifying that viewers with weak nerves (and stomachs) were expected to faint and vomit while watching.

“Terrifier 3” was heralded as a more difficult production – with a bigger budget, nastier murders, and a crazier plot.

What is the movie “Terrifier 2” about? Watch the trailer

“Terrifier 2” made its Polish debut at Splat!FilmFest. It is released in cinemas just before Christmas 2022. Watch its trailer:

Everyone thought that serial killer Art the Clown was dead and the world was safer. Unfortunately, a mysterious dark force grants him a second life, and he returns from the afterlife to spread terror, suffering, and death. Art chooses teenage siblings Sienna and Jonathan as victims of his terrible game. Driven by the demonic whispers of a mysterious creature, or perhaps by his own sick psyche, Art carries out his brutal plan with the precision of a mad artist. As the lines between nightmare and reality become increasingly blurred and more victims die in pain, Sienna and Jonathan discover a family secret that may be their only chance to survive.

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