Marek Perebichko hated working on the set of the film “The 13th Precinct.”  He complained about Cesare Bazura

Marek Perebeczko He was one of the most famous and beloved actors of his generation. Although the artist appeared in countless theatrical performances and films, and participated in works such as: “ash” whether “Mr. Wolodijowski”His greatest popularity was achieved through his role in the cult series Now “Janosek”It tells the story of fate “Slavic Robin Hood.”

In the 90s, the actor experienced a real renaissance in popularity – all thanks to the attractive role of Commander Władysław Słoik in the gritty sitcom. “13 police stations.”

This series once broke viewership records, and its actors create unforgettable performances. However, he was the biggest star of the comedy series Cesare BazuraWho played the main role of Constable Cesare Cesare.

Although the sitcom soon became a real hit, it wasn’t until years later It turned out that Marek Perebichko wasn’t particularly happy about being in the cast. As the widow of a famous actor recently revealed – The actress hated working on the set of the film “The Thirteenth District.” He was particularly disturbed by… Cesare Bazura’s strange actions.

“He didn’t like it! He usually said, ‘I sat in the car all day, waiting for Zarek to recover. Then I played my scene for 15 minutes and… I went home,'” she revealed on Facebook. Agnieszka Vitkow-Perebeczkoknown for her role as Simona W ‘m like love.

Later it turned out that the screen actor was Janosik From the beginning he had major doubts about appearing in a sitcom.

“(…) Maciej (series director – editor’s note) suggested that I take part in the “Thirteenth District”. He said that Tsar Bazura would go crazy in this movie and there would have to be a wall to bounce off of. And so it happened to me. At first I was a little afraid and asked if we should play so hard. But Macek convinced me. The work was very hard. Tsar told Bazura that after filming was completed he should go to a sanatorium for six months to regain his health. – said Marek Perebczko in an interview with Krzysztof Lubczyński in the magazine “Aneks Trybuny”.

Recently, Cesare Bazura himself also commented on the series. In an interview, the actor assessed this The jokes presented in “District Thirteen” have stood the test of time well, and thanks to their universality they can make viewers laugh even after many years.

“‘The Thirteenth District’ was designed as a series for everyone. For teens, kids and adults. We reach a certain point of connection and then we don’t anymore.” Everything was delicious and edible, so everyone loved it.” – he said in an interview with Beljada.

“This is the power of a good joke – it never gets old,” sums up Cesare Bazura.

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