Arnaud Choli performs the nasal flute at the end and it’s magical

Arnaud Soly, in the “Martin Matte en direct” set, before giving his last recorder performance through his nose, said a few words about Carl Tremblay, who inspired his love for Quebec music.

The comedian, who introduced himself on social networks, thanks, among other things, to his nasal flute numbers, said goodbye to his instrument on Thursday evening, in a wild number, in the company of Dumas and his musicians. His recorder was later removed and hung from the ceiling of Espace Saint-Denis.

Arnaud Soly, a big fan of Cowboys Fringants and the leader of the band, saddened by the death of a great musician, at the beginning of the show, wanted to say a few words to the group he used to listen to in his youth. .

“They were the ones who introduced me to Quebec music,” he told Martin Matt, noting that he was still in high school at the time of the album. Break the Syndical appeared.

Contains popular hits A Bern, In demonstration And Autumn song, this opus was important to him. “It made me interested in Quebec music, culture, language, humor, poetry, protest, etc. I owe them a lot,” said Arnaud Choli.

“Social Networks: I Got A Little Burned Out There”

Most famous and present on social networks, the comedian admits that he has been under pressure in recent years, but he has now learned to rebuild it.

“It happened like some kind of stupidity that we didn’t understand. It helped me a lot, but I always told myself that I have to give more to the public, I have to answer to the people, I have to be there, I was the one who put the pressure on,” he said.

“I’m actually a little burned out there,” he added, noting that he’s trying to rediscover his joy and set his limits.

Balancing work and family is not always easy

Since becoming a father, Arnaud Choli has tended to measure and compromise as much as he can at home and in his wandering life.

Aside from sleep and mental health, one of her biggest challenges is being present and guilt-free.

“Touring with kids means I’m in Abitibi for a week; It’s sad that I’m not there, and then I’m home for a week; “I feel bad for not doing the gigs that I refused,” the host said Club Chloe.

“Trying to come to terms with the chaos of childhood,” he continued.

At the start of his program, Martin Matt addressed a few words to Carl Tremblay, the group, his wife Marie-Annique Lepin and their children.

Martin is matte and direct Airs Thursdays at 8pm on TVA.

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