Publisher Michael Bruley, who was found guilty of sexual assault, is said to have died Monday afternoon after being hit hard by his bicycle in Brazil.

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According to 56-year-old Charles Brooch, the 56-year-old slipped on his bicycle when he got off a slope at 2:30 p.m., just before the traffic sign hung.

He is said to have fallen into a ditch after hitting his head on a tree.

Michael Bruley is said to have hung a road sign from his path on his bicycle, hit his head on a tree and veered off before being thrown into a ditch.

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Michael Bruley is said to have hung a road sign from his path on his bicycle, hit his head on a tree and veered off before being thrown into a ditch.

“His mother is defeated. You cannot deport a body from Brazil to Canada. It can only be gray. She will never see her boyfriend again, ”he dropped the phone.

Local media reported that Michael Bruley was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. Vitoria is said to have recovered her body from a developing condition in the early hours of the morning before being sent to the forensic service.

At his brother’s inn

A few days ago, after being sexually assaulted in October 2020, Michael Bruley did not appear in the virtual courtroom for observations on the sentence.

However, at the time of his appearance in court, the publisher was in Brazil, at his brother’s hotel, where he has been living since December, according to local media reports.

“We recently wrote that Michael did not sign in and that we issued an arrest warrant. It was my fault that I did not send him the correct group link. He never left,” Charles Broch corrected.

At the time, there was still talk of issuing an international arrest warrant if he did not appear before Judge Sebastian Brooks via video conference on June 18.

“Explanations must be provided,” the judge said at the time.

Remember the attack

For his lawyer, who has known him for more than 20 years, it is sad to remember that “only for this story” when he published the novels. […] Lots of people “.

“We remember him, he sexually abused a woman,” she said. I think this is a very simple legacy. “

Note that the conviction was appealed by Michael Bruley.

“I see that value in the fact that the victim was convicted. She still has the right to see that the person who assaulted her gets a sentence. I consider it unfortunate for this victim,” he continues.

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