June 8, 2023


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Edita Gurniak's son Alain Krupa showed a lewd gesture!

Edita Gurniak’s son Alain Krupa showed a lewd gesture!

Edita Gorniak’s son, Alan Krupa, is not engaged in show business, but from time to time he speaks loudly about him.

The last time the media wrote about him in the context of a rumor that he wanted to give up his father’s name. Earlier, he was loud about his unwillingness to pass the bac.

Now, in turn, Alan Krupa was surprised with a vulgar gesture, which we can see in the photo that he posted on his Instagram profile.

The teenager posted a mini album signed “This is a business”.

While the first two photos do not raise any objections, the last one is quite cliched – Allan Krupa showed his middle finger.

Unfortunately, he did not explain why he was showing this gesture.

However, it did not go unnoticed by the watchers of his profile. Many people expressed their discontent in the comments.

When a fan wrote to him: “Show yourself in the mirror,” he replied, “I know I’m great, but it’s not close to narcissism yet.”

“Oh, it’s not good to show that finger” – someone else pointed out.

Another observer was more outspoken and used much stronger words, which Alan Krupa didn’t particularly care about.

I wonder what his mother would say…


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