Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max at a great price in the Allegro promotion

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max on Allegro on the occasion of Black Friday 2023 will be available at a good price (as low as PLN 800) which has impressed thousands of Polish geeks and promotion hunters. Is that hard for you to believe? Check the price and find out when the promotion starts. The number of pieces is limited.

Black Friday is officially over, but some stores are still running their promotions. Black Weeks continues in the Allegro On November 27, a promotional offer will be presented for the smartphone Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max at a great price in the Allegro promotion

Official Allegro store, at midnight at the earliest, We will sell you this model in the 128 GB version for 4899 PLN. The following colors and number of pieces will be provided:

Many people may now say: It’s so expensive, who will buy it? Well, it turns out there may be no shortage of people willing to do just that. On the famous Pepper website This opportunity was obtained at the time of publishing this post Nearly 1,500 pluses And it got hot.

We must honestly admit that according to Ceneo, we will have the best price ever in Poland. The savings will amount to more than an impressive PLN 800.

The Allegro promotion for the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max can start at any time, even at midnight. If you don’t want to miss this opportunity, add it to your watchlist and the seller will notify you in advance when the auction starts.

If an iPhone under PLN 5,000 doesn’t suit you, check out the phones we recommend at good prices:

Czy warto teraz kupić telefon w promocji Black Friday? Te modele są warte każdej złotówki

Don’t miss the next promotion

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