June 7, 2023


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Risen announced on Nintendo Switch

Risen announced on Nintendo Switch

September 12, 2022, 18:43

author: Jacob “Entelarmer” Błażewicz

The announcement of the release of Risen on the Nintendo Switch console unexpectedly and without much fanfare, which could change tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct.

Not only first goth rises from the dead. Another game from Piranha Bytes also reminded of its existence, although – unfortunately – not due to the announcement of a remake. 13 years after the first show did You’re moving to a new platform – the Nintendo Switch.

back part one Triplewhose story began in 2009, was unusually advertised and without much emotion. THQ Nordic post was posted on Twitter Screenshot not from the game, but … an email from Lotcheck that agreed to debut did on the switch.

He rose from the dead.  The fourth game of Piranha Bytes will arrive on a new platform - Illustration #1

Risen didn’t get the big announcement for the Switch release. Source: THQ Nordic on Twitter.

To clarify: Lotcheck is a division of the US branch of Nintendo. Its job is to check the games that will appear on the company’s devices to ensure that they do not violate the company’s guidelines for published titles. Apparently there was not much objection to the case did.

It should be noted that Tomorrow at 16:00 Poland time we will watch Another broadcast of the Nintendo Direct series. The giant show from Kyoto will last about 40 minutes and we can assume that it will appear during that teaser to announce the launch. did on the Nintendo Switch.

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