Makeup by Judge Cuadra Fernandez [VIDEO]

– We continue with what is the difference in standards. With Cuadra Fernández ruling it 0-2 to Real Madrid in the 65th minute and then starting, well… put on make-up. I think the situation is best described by Cuadra Fernández’s make-up, which he began applying after Real Madrid’s goal that made it 2-0 in Cádiz, announced the studio host.

[od 0:00] Quadra Fernandez again. Again with the arbitration we are already used to. All his mistakes always went to one side. His balance in the distribution of justice remained in doubt in the match between Cádiz and Real Madrid.

[0:12] It is impossible to understand why in the first minute of the match the referee blew the whistle for a foul by Modric without showing a yellow card, and immediately in the third minute Valverde received a warning for a similar foul. For Cuadra Fernández, this was a card, but it was not. It’s yes, but it’s no.

[0:31] It is also impossible to understand why Cuadra Fernandes in the 20th minute of the match whistled for a foul on Luka Modric, when, as you can see, it was the Croatian who was pushed. Well, in a way that was incomprehensible to Cuadra, Fernandes was fouled by a Real Madrid player.

[0:51] Whistle against errors [Realowi]Which cannot be understood, like what Bellingham did in the 21st minute. He gave inexplicable yellow cards, like Mendy in the 32nd minute. For Cuadra Fernandez, this mistake by Mendy is a yellow card. But there are no other two errors. Minute 34: Alcaraz’s foul does not result in a yellow card. Minute 36: Bellingham presses [przez także Alcaraza] On the edge of the penalty area. Well, neither of those actions are booked.

[1:20] It was a yellow card, but it wasn’t. And this is not so. This is true, but these two actions are not. It is also impossible to explain how he was unable to blow the whistle for the foul on Nacho or how he was able to stop the match after Carvajal’s foul, even though he had allowed it to continue at the start of play. As soon as Real Madrid had possession, Cuadra Fernández decided to stop the match. Before that, no, then yes.

[1:44] But we go further than that. Minute 43: Foul on Bellingham [znowu Alcaraza]Which Cuadra Fernandez did not blow the whistle on. Minute 44: A non-existent error by Rodrigo after a wonderful move by Real Madrid. Only Cuadra Fernandez saw this error.

[1:58] Instead, in the 46th minute, he should have shown composure when a more than obvious foul was called on Ledesma on Bellingham outside the penalty area. The action in which the goalkeeper was late and brought the Englishman down… but guess what? As for Cuadra Fernandez, she does not deserve a yellow card.

[2:15] What wasn’t worth it in the second half was more than Rodrigo’s obvious sluggishness. She keeps pulling his shirt to stop him, but nothing. There was no note.

[2:23] But everything changed after Real Madrid’s second goal and the score changed to 2-0. Up to this point, no Cádiz players have seen the card. After Rodrigo’s goal, referee Cuadra Fernandez decided to equalize the statistics, after which the Cádiz players began to be punished. What was not a piece of paper before is now a piece of paper.

[2:42] Minute 65: Yellow card for Alejo. Minute 70: Yellow card for Alex Fernandez. And just one minute later: yellow card for Javi Hernandez. What a coincidence that none of the Cádiz players received any bookings until Real Madrid’s second goal. What a coincidence that all the papers came after him.

[3:00] The bottom line is an accumulation of mistakes that were always in favor of one party. A way of behaving to which Cuadra Fernández is already accustomed.

* * *

This video was followed by a 12-minute studio debate, during which a second video was broadcast with Cuadra Fernández, showing his previous bad decisions at the expense of Real Madrid. As previously reported in Referee News before the weekend, no video was released against the referee before the match, but such a discussion did take place in the studio, where various actions were shown with the referee in the background. The video states the following:

  • No foul on Bellingham, no cancellation of the offside decision on Camavinga’s goal and no red card for Jimenez for the foul on Rodrigo. [VAR we wrześniowych derbach z Atlético]
  • Vinicius had a goal disallowed for what was believed to be a handball in the first leg against Sevilla in the spring of 2022, despite VAR indicating to him that the goal should have been awarded. [boisko]
  • Almeria’s sharp mistakes at the Bernabéu in the spring of 2023, which left him without cards and showed Vinicius the first card to protest in this matter; A penalty kick was canceled in this match due to a foul by the goalkeeper on Benzema [boisko]
  • The famous attack on Vinicius’ ankle in the Osasuna match in the 2021/22 season, for which no penalty kick was awarded. [VAR]
  • No penalty kick by Diego Carlos inside the penalty area in the first leg against Sevilla, spring 2022. [boisko]
  • There are no penalties for two handballs in the away match against Levante in the 2019/20 season [VAR].

* * *

RealMadridTV did not broadcast refereeing videos before the last two matches, although some tried to prove otherwise. This time, a video was created after the match and it is worth adding the referee’s words here Riccardo de Burgosa Bengoche, who gave an interview this week with But Siro He stated that he accepted publishing the analysis of his work after the match“The truth is that I was sent many links to these videos, but I did not open them. From my point of view, if criticism is done before the match without analyzing the entire work, it is not positive. This applies to every club and journalist. “If I make a mistake in a match and they want to analyze it after the match, I completely understand that, but in my opinion no club should do something like this before a match.”

We don’t know if RealMadridTV has changed its strategy and will now broadcast videos of referees after team matches, but we will be monitoring it closely and will also report when someone tries to manipulate this, as we have seen in recent weeks.

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