How to Download Google TV Live Channels Software Update Free EPG Channels The price of FAST TV determines the price you choose

The changes make it easier to use the free stations, because you won’t need to download as many apps to receive them. Google TV aims to be the operating system that offers the most free channels in one electronic program guide. Currently, it is possible to watch NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and international stations in 10 languages ​​(including Spanish, Hindi and Japanese). It aggregates channels from different EPG apps, and sorts them by genre.

The updated guide will be available on all Google TV devices in the US, including Chromecast devices with Google TV and TVs with Google TV built-in from Sony, TCL, Hisense, and Philips.

Later this year, the software update is supposed to roll out to other devices. There are more devices with Google TV.

On Wednesday we wrote about the start of sales of the Xiaomi Box S 2nd generation. It is possible that over time the new program guide will also migrate to Europe. In the West of the continent, FAST platforms are becoming increasingly popular.

Planned premium subscriptions

Google plans to make more changes to the EPG, including introducing the premium subscription. In the fall, we reported that it was collaborating with iWedia software producer on this. At that time, it was announced that the logos of TV channels would be displayed, and the possibility of choosing the appearance of the interface. Another novelty is the app’s easy voice operation via Google Assistant and the merging of the traditional channel list with the offer of streaming services.

Previously, the Live Channels app in Android TV / Google TV allowed you to receive terrestrial, satellite or cable TV channels. She also promoted the movie service ‘Google Play Movies’. They can be rented for tens or several dozen zlotys. An alternative to Google’s app was special TV software or a set-top box connected via HDMI.

The changes to the software guide are an opportunity for Google to compete more effectively with Samsung’s Tizen and LG’s WebOS. In developed markets, they offer their own apps with ad-supported FAST channels (Samsung TV Plus and LG channels). Their offer does not lack the stations provided by players such as BBC or MTV. It is presented in Germany channel with selected matches of the most famous European leagues. In Poland, the market for free linear broadcast channels is still in its infancy. In the fall, the Chinese manufacturer released the XiaomiTV + app. However, it does not offer Polish stations. Recently, Rakuten TV has provided two stations for free in Polish to view. One broadcasts different movies and the other broadcasts western movies.

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