The Polish millionaire spoke about the Kurdistan Communist Party.  “Polish businesses need it”

– The world is ready for a new intercontinental airport in Poland – says Krzysztof Domarecki in a video created by his company.

The Chairman of the Celina Group believes that it would be good for Polish companies, whose business development goes beyond the borders of Europe, to expand the availability and recognition of their products and services to a greater extent.

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“The establishment of CPK is an impetus for development”

According to Krzysztof Domarecki, the construction of the CPK will bring benefits to Polish businessmen.

– The CPK will be a key element influencing the development of the Polish economy and attracting foreign capital to our country. (…) Celina announces 100 flights during the first month of operation of the new airport – says Domarecki.

It should be noted that Selena FM is a group with a stock market capitalization of about PLN 755 million. It is one of the largest producers of construction chemicals in the world. It consists of 30 companies, and its production plants are located in Poland, China, Romania, Turkey, Spain, Kazakhstan, South Korea and Italy. The group sells its products in 90 countries around the world. Krzysztof Domarecki owns 81 percent. Shares in the group.

Discussion about the future of CPK

Let us remember that the latest IBRIS poll, conducted on behalf of Rzeczpospolita, shows that 36.1 percent of respondents “strongly” support the continued construction of the CPK. In turn, 22.1 percent of respondents “rather” want this. In total, this gives 58.2 percent. Responses support continued investment building.

In addition to the internal audit, there were also audits in eight areas conducted by external companies. The first four tenders were invalidated. The following four issues are scheduled to be resolved by the end of April.

On the other hand, internal and external audit were supposed to form the two pillars on which the recommendations of Donald Tusk's government were based. What will happen to CPK. Maciej Lasek, in an interview with, recently refuted claims that work at the company is slowing down.

Let us remember that the decision to build the CPK was made by the PiS government in 2017. The new airport was scheduled to open in 2027. Before the elections, the Civic Coalition announced its resignation from the CPK project, but during the election campaign it changed its tone and promised to verify the project “to make it more realistic.” “. More than PLN 2.7 billion has already been spent on the project.

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