Star Wars – George Lucas didn’t believe in the success of the movie

Without a doubt, the movie must be seen Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope For one of the greatest works of contemporary cinematography. The George Lucas Show has had such an impact on sci-fi cinema that it wouldn’t be the same without Luke Skywalker and his adventures. However, the director himself did not believe in the success of the production.

So much so, that in its opening weekend, he decided to fly with Steven Spielberg to Hawaii. As he admitted in a 2015 interview, no one thought it would be a hit movie, not even his closest friends. (video from the inside).

I couldn’t believe the movie would be a success. I showed an early copy to my friends, but it was filled mostly with scenes from old war photos and things like that. They looked at him and said, “Poor George. What were you thinking?”

However, not all of George Lucas’ friends were skeptical star Wars. The only person who felt a major blow was none other than Steven Spielberg.

Stephen jumped up and exclaimed, “This is going to be the greatest movie ever made.” Everyone in the room looked at him and said, “Poor Stephen.”

With the premiere approaching star Wars George Lucas and Steven Spielberg flew to Hawaii. By his own admission, he “preferred lying on the beach than reading comments.” It turned out that he was very wrong.

The film was a huge success, collecting $1.5 million at the box office on its first day of release. It was something other films of the time could only dream of.

in the end Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope It grossed over $775 million worldwide, becoming a cult movie all the way that fans talk about even decades later.

The premiere started a series that continues to this day. In a few days, another series will appear, which will take place in the universe created by George Lucas. August 23 on the platform Disney + The first two episodes will be released Ahsoki Rosario Dawson starring.

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