Canada’s 150,000 civil servants are on strike, demanding a change in remote working conditions

It was one of the biggest hits in Canadian history. More than 155,000 federal officials have participated in the protest since April 19. Two weeks later, a preliminary agreement was negotiated, thanks to which more than 120,000 people have returned to work today, but 35,000 are unemployed. Tax department employees still refuse to take over their duties.

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The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) announced a preliminary agreement on pay increases and better working conditions Monday, and reported that officials will return to work from May 1 in the morning or from the next scheduled duty. PSAC reports that negotiations with the Treasury Board, the ministry that manages public administration, have lasted nearly two years.

Secretary Mona Fortier, who chairs the Treasury Board, wrote to Twitterwhich The terms negotiated are “fair, competitive and reasonable, bringing stability to officials and CanadiansThe best deals are reached at the negotiating table. “We respect the right to negotiate and thank the Canadian people for their patience and understanding over the past two weeks,” she added.

According to the unions’ statement, better terms have been negotiated than the government’s offer, wage increases will also be higher than initially proposed by the government, and remote work opportunities will be better protected. The right to work remotely has been one of the longest negotiated terms Canadian media have indicated in recent days that the outcome of the negotiations will set new rules for the Canadian labor market.

More than 12 percent raise the right to work remotely

In the announcement, PSAC President Chris Aylward stressed that “the agreement represents important achievements for union members while simultaneously raising standards for all employees in Canada.”

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According to a PSAC statement, Increases of 12.6% were negotiated, including inflation hedges, plus a one-time payment of $2,500 Canadian dollars (CAD). The union also negotiated New rules for obtaining approval to work remotely – It must be taken in relation to an individual employee, and not to his organizational unit.

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