Francine Ruel describes her reality in a powerful documentary with her son Etienne

The relationship between Francine Ruel and her son, Étienne, will be at the center of a new documentary that promises to be very difficult.

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After his novel Anna and the old man And so on Anna and ArnaudTwo projects inspired by her personal story, Francine Ruel leaves fiction for reality in a brand new documentary.

In fact, on Wednesday, TVA announced the broadcast To rebuild the connection, A documentary in which the actress and writer chronicles her relationship with her son Etienne, who lives on the streets and struggles with substance abuse issues. Francine Ruel also meets Sophie and Thierry, both of whom have experienced a similar situation to hers and are trying to re-bond with their respective children. It promises to be touching and impactful.

Check out the trailer To rebuild the connection Below:

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To rebuild the connection Primer will be available on TVA+ from November 1 to 8, otherwise you will have to wait until Tuesday November 22 at 9 PM for the TV broadcast.

such asAnna and ArnaudAll episodes available Catch-up on TVA+. The series finale will be aired on Tuesday, November 1.

And let’s recall what Francine Ruel said this winter True natureThat’s the writing of the series allowed him to learn surprising things about his son. The latter was directly involved in the project by collaborating on the script to provide his version of the facts and “reclaim his story”.

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