A million people have already filed an electronic 2021 tax return, but it's not worth the hurry.  There can be errors and finds in the electronic crater

As the results show National Tax Administration By Wednesday, 1 million taxpayers have already settled with the tax office. KAS has prepared e-advertising for 2021 for 23.3 million people.

The President of KAS, Magdalena Rzeczkowska, emphasized that your e-PIT is unparalleled in popularity.

We are pleased that taxpayers are very keen on using our online solutions. We are open to our customers’ needs. We offer them modern services that meet their expectations. She noted that we are focusing on digitization, thanks to which more and more tax issues can be settled online.

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In turn, KAS Vice President Anna Chuba emphasized that thanks to the e-PIT service, taxpayers can file their tax return in a convenient and secure way without leaving home.

– As part of the service, they can access the history of the electronic personal income tax, as well as our other electronic services offered by the electronic tax office. Most importantly, when paying electronically, they will get a tax refund faster – tax office Overpayment will be returned within 45 days – reminded.

Before we accept the online advertisement, it is worth checking it out for yourself. As reported in the media recently, Persons under the age of 26 have an exaggerated tax amount to be recovered on tax returns prepared by the Tax Office for 2021. The KAS reported that these taxpayer settlements had already been corrected.

It cannot be excluded that other taxpayers wishing to take advantage of statutory exemptions will face a similar problem. In addition, as a standard, this declaration does not take into account any exemptions and preferences – you have to make them yourself.

If, due to an error from the tax office, the statement turns out to be incorrect, it will be false He will not be responsible for this. However, he will have to return the exaggerated return he received from the tax office to the tax office.

In 2022, the National Revenue Administration, on the basis of its data, prepared the 2021 annual tax returns for 23,295,876 taxpayers. Over 1 million loans extended: 843.5 thousand PIT-37 ads; 117.8 M. PIT-28 Declaration; 26.9 M. PIT-38 Declaration; 6.6 thousand PIT-36 advertisements; 6.9 thousand PIT-OP data.

The e-PIT service can only be accessed through the electronic tax office On the website taxki.gov.pl.

You can log in to the e-tax office: with a trusted profile (PZ), electronic evidence, via e-banking and the mObywat app. This allows you to use personal income tax and other tax services. You can also log into the same service with tax data.

Information regarding the 2021 comprehensive income tax settlement, taxpayers will find on the website Taxes.gov.pl in the dedicated tab E-PIT.



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