Netflix is ​​making changes from 2023. No more account sharing?

Starting in early 2023, account sharing on the Netflix streaming app will no longer be available in the United States Wall Street Journal reports. As the American Daily notes, this will be a challenge for both viewers and the streaming giant.

The company has postponed this decision. As we read in the Wall Street Journal, Netflix analysts identified an issue with password sharing in 2019. Since then, the company has been pondering a fix for the problem, but the coronavirus pandemic hit, causing a flurry of new users and disrupting previous ones. analytics.

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Netflix estimates that its streaming platform is currently used by more than 100 million people who use a family or friend account password. The company wants to put an end to that starting next year. First, changes will be introduced to the subscription policy in the United States.

In the third quarter of 2022, Netflix gained 2.41 million net new subscribers. Until recently, the company indicated Slowing growth rate, predicting that it will gain 1.09 million new subscribers in the third quarter. Earnings per share for the service were $3.10, while the market valued it at $2.13. Group revenue was $7.93 billion, and consensus assumed it would be $7.84 billion.

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