Angel Manuel Soto – Blue Beetle director talks about James Gunn’s influence on production
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Aug 16, 2023, 15:07

Blue Beetle Angel director Manuel Soto reveals how James Gunn influenced the production.

Credit: Blue Beetle, Angel Manuel Soto, Warner Bros. , 2023


Angel Manuel Sotothe director of the upcoming DC movie – blue beetlea discussion on how to do this James Gunn, one of the new heads of DC Studios, reacted to the final editing of the film and how much of a say he had during the production process. it turns out, that both Gunn and Peter Safran They didn’t have big comments when it came to working on the movie.

In an interview with GamesRadar+ The director spoke about the reaction of the DC heads to the final version of the show and their feelings about it blue beetle.

The studio always keeps everything on hand. As for the gist of the story, yes [Jamesowi Gunnowi i Peterowi Safranowi] They loved what we did, they respected the vision and what we were trying to do with the movie.

They really appreciated the new perspective, the nostalgic beginning to the entire movie that takes viewers to reunite with their families and make it [odbiorcy] They fall in love with her in a kind of boot.

James Gunn, Soto explained, is known for his work on Guardians of the Galaxy For Marvel, he has his own unique perspective, which was a valuable asset when making the comic based on the book. It was Jean’s influence that made the director blue beetle He wanted to ensure that all characters from the hero’s environment were full heroes at all costs.

We didn’t want to treat them like props. All characters deserve the attention we give them. The love you feel for them makes everything that happens emotionally meaningful.

Some time ago James Jean called blue beetle The first movie in the new DC Cinematic Universe. This movie aims to bring the character of Jimmy Reyes, a mysterious scarab bearer, to the big screen. Soto emphasized that the show is meant to stay true to this comic book hero’s character, while at the same time drawing new viewers into the world of comic books with a fresh take on the story.

the first show blue beetle In Polish cinemas on August 18.

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