Joy in the Mikowaj Rosnersky family.  The actor from M jak miłość bragged about the baby.  This is what little Staszek Roznerski looks like - photos

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Joy in the Mikowaj Rosnersky family. The actor from M jak miłość bragged about the baby. This is what little Staszek Roznerski looks like – photos

The Mikowaj Rosnerski family, better known as “M jak miłość”, has reasons for great joy. The actor is especially attached to Adriana Kalska, who in “M jak miłość” is actually his wife, showing the youngest member of the family for the first time! The Rosnersky family has undergone significant changes recently. Some time ago, Marcin’s series “M jak miłość” announced that “Rosnersky got married,” even featuring a photo from the wedding. Now he went one step further. Notably, the actor is already the father of 10-year-old Antik. Photo of Rosnersky with the second child caused a sensation among fans. Especially since you can see what little Staszek Roznerski looks like.

A new kid in the Mikowaj Rosnerski family, known from “M jak miłość”!

Mikołaj Roznerski in “M jak miłość” as Marcin Chodakowski is a father of two – 6-year-old Szymek (Staś Szczypiński) and 4-year-old Maja (Laura Jankowska)! Notably, the actor from “M jak miłość” has a 10-year-old son from a relationship with his ex-partner, Marta Juras, whose face has not been shown on Instagram and Facebook. Because he protects real life and doesn’t share many facts about his privacy! Recently, he gave an interview in which he stated that he has a lot of plans for the future and that some changes will be made. However, he did not want to reveal too many details.

Personal life is personal life and let it stay that way. I have a lot of plans and we’ll see what life brings – He said vaguely in an interview with “Your Empire” magazine. Even more surprising is the fact that Rosnersky was very keen to share with his fans the youngest members of his family. In a photo on Instagram, he shared how he hugs his child, but not his son!

“I present to you my nephew ❤️ Staszek Roznerski ❤️ He consoled me for a good morning I love you always 🤩❤️💪 #Roznery 🤪” = Rosnersky explained to his fans on his Instagram page. A little more than half a year ago, the actor from “M jak miłość” showed pictures of a real wedding and spread the wonderful news.. Wearing a suit, he wrote on the background of a luxury car with balloons that the wedding was over. He explained that he had just married his younger brother Peter, who married his fiancée Agnieszka.

This time, Rosnersky took advantage of the festive mood, the unique time spent in the company of relatives, so that everyone could see what the youngest child in his family looked like. However, he has skipped showing birthday photos with his sweetheart Adriana Kalska, with whom he recently celebrated his name day and his 38th birthday. – I spent the next year of my life in a very small group, with my son and Ada – Mentioned in an interview.

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