Sandra Bullock says goodbye to show business and waves to fans in New York (photos)

Sandra Bullock She was most famous in the late 90s, when she played in songs such as “Speed”, “Totalna magia” or “Miss Agent”. The actress is currently promoting her movie “The Lost City”, in which she plays novelist Loretta Sage. On screen they are partners with it Channing Tatum And the Daniel Radcliffe.

In recent years, there have been fewer and fewer productions with Sandra. She herself eventually concluded that It’s time to quit showing business. She announced her decision at a conference to promote “The Lost City” in Texas.

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A star with two adopted children: Laila is 10 and Louis is 12 found it “I want to spend some time being a mother.” But she declared that “she will return one day.”

I do not know when. Maybe when my kids are 16-17 years old Bullock expects.

You can expect a career break Sandra It will come after the actress has finished promoting her latest movie. However, she is very active so far. She recently visited New York for a TV interview.

The 57-year-old was dressed in a cropped T-shirt, striped pants, and a pale pink jacket. I paused for a moment outside the studio Pause for pictures and wave to the crowd.

It’s a pity that it will disappear from the screens soon?

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Hell, it’s so cool to make millions and live the second half of your life doing nothing. Jealous! Tomorrow I will wake up to my institution… keyboard tapping

Sandra is one of my favorite actresses. I love every movie with her participation. It attracts attention on the screen and has a warmth.

One true little idea

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I don’t hate it but it reminds me of MJ

You must take the doctor to court to slaughter the face

At the age of nearly 60, you devoted yourself to being a mother? What is this nonsense. The world’s first grandchildren are welcomed at this age.

It’s a pity, but I was counting on him to play the main role in Michael Jackson’s biography.

Whipped nose. bad

Today I dreamed that Putin was watching a hardcore porn movie with matryoshkas and Joe was sitting next to him, soaking his feet in a bowl and constantly asking me if I could turn on “The Wolf and the Hare” because it was a true story. Putin replies that the real story would be if these matryoshkas had the faces of world politicians and other people on the cash register.

Haczy Kuj exposes the lives of several hundred people in Poland and Ukraine only to take good care of TVPIS propaganda

I dream of a time when women will no longer want to mutilate themselves with Botox and fillers…

One of the best and most beautiful actresses, that’s a pity

Nothing bad would happen if she gave birth to those kids, and she just adopted kids, and that’s the difference.

I’ve always wondered which one plays better in romantic comedies and more, is the mother of Julia Roberts

I envy. I am 41 years old and I have had a million years to pay 100,000 credits 🙁

I actually miss her in comedy. The proposal is a great movie where I played with Ryan Reynolds 😍

It’s a pity, I love her! Fortunately, you can return to the movies with her participation. Life in a candlestick certainly isn’t easy, so I hope you can breathe a little. After all, everyone needs to give up their professional duties.

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